Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC)

The Egyptian Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) stands as one of the distinguished Think Tanks in Egypt, particularly for the Cabinet, Its main task is to support decision makers with regard to economic, social and political issues, while placing emphasis on priority issues to foster the reform efforts that push the development march forward.

Moreover, IDSC strives to enhance relations with different ministries and government authorities, and to open communication channels with the public to measure the society's attitudes towards national issues. IDSC also works on disseminating data and information, focusing on electronic dissemination.

IDSC has significantly contributed to crystallizing the opinions and concepts that have an impact on the Egyptian government's foreign and national policies through publishing various research, covering diversified themes, as well as books and working papers. Besides, periodicals and public opinion polls are prepared. It also organizes seminars, conferences, workshops and training programs.

IDSC launched its to introduce its mission, views and activities.


The United Nations Development Programme, UNDP- Egypt

The United Nations began providing development assistance to Egypt in 1953. In those days this was done through the United Nations Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance (EPTA). In 1958 the United Nations Special Fund established an office in Cairo to expand the work of EPTA. This office became the United Nations Development Programme Country Office in 1966.

UNDP's overall mission is to help the Egyptian government in its efforts to reduce poverty and to promote sustainable development policies. Over the past 20 years the nature of UNDP's support to Egypt has changed and become more focused. This has reflected changes in UNDP worldwide. UNDP Egypt supports activities in four practice areas: Poverty reduction, Energy and Environment, Democratic Governance, and Crisis Prevention and Recovery. For more information, please visit

The Italian development co-operation

The Cooperation Office for Development (Italian Cooperation) works in close collaboration with the Italian embassy offices in Egypt, and with other Italian institutions (Italian Cultural Center - Italian Trade Center - educational institutions - health facilities) to give a strong push to the development initiatives, which is witnessing the participation of Italian bodies operating under the Italian system in Egypt, in order to understand the concept of cooperation for development in a broad sense and talk, which aims to get the maximum return on the resources of the public assistance program for development, and also for mutual benefit that can be generated from it,

Government of Japan

JAPAN is providing Official Development Assistance (ODA) to a wide range of developing countries in various forms. The economic assistance to Egypt is considerable in terms of its volume and content. Egypt is the ninth largest recipient of Japanese bilateral aid (based on accumulating total from FY 1969 until FY 2001) and the largest in the Middle East. 

JAPAN accords priority to the following areas for assistance to Egypt. Such priority was apportioned on the basis of policy dialogue between Japan and Egypt, as well as studies and research on development conditions, objectives and plans designed by Egypt:

  • Expansion of agricultural production
  • Development of human resources
  • Boosting economic infrastructure
  • Upgrading health and medical care services, population control and family planning
  • Improvement of living environment ( water and sewage systems ) and public hygiene

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