Social Responsibility

Date: 01 May 2013
The SCC is considering the principle of social responsibility as one of the main priorities on its agenda. To this end, the SCC works on promoting for a clear course of action for pro-poor development efforts with the aim to achieve a dignified life for all Egyptians.
Community Development Partnerships
The SCC initiates development partnerships for pro-poor community empowerment in several fields in partnership with different government entities as well as the private sector. SCC is acting as an intermediator to coordinate these efforts, assess the impact of initiatives, identify lessons learned and promote successful development initiatives to a policy level as well as to encourage scaling up and replication of partnership models.
SCC communicates with different development partners to facilitate holding dialogues for creating joint and effective initiatives on the ground to achieve the ideal model of social responsibility through a balanced partnership that eventually realizes the society’s interest.
Social Justice in The Education Sector
SCC launched the initiative of “Social Justice in The Education Sector” to create a developmental education initiative that meets the conditions required for establishing social justice in the sector, for the poorest communities in Upper Egypt’s villages. The SCC also seeks to upscale and replicate the initiative in other places with the aim of realizing a far reaching and influential change in education sector.
Made in Upper Egypt Initiative
SCC intensified its coordinating and cooperative efforts with the technology and innovation centers of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs for introducing developmental initiatives in the poorest villages. This initiative covers Upper Egypt governorates with the aim to upgrading different industries and introducing new ones through building effective and influential partnership between government at one hand and private sector and civil society on the other hand in order to accelerate the development process and achieve an economic boom in Upper Egypt.
The Integrated Development Initiative in Nubia
SCC launched the Integrated Development Initiative in Nubia within the framework of the long awaited attention paid to the frontier regions and marginalized communities to improve the quality of life in these regions. The SCC organized a series of meetings with the Nubian NGOs to explore and identify development opportunities, with the aim to develop sustainable and integrated development policies and maximize Nubian people’s benefits from Nubia’s natural and human resources.
The Social Responsibility Map :
In 2009 and under SCC mandate to promote civic engagement in decision making, the SCC developed a model on applying participatory needs assessment in local communities in the 151 poorest villages in Egypt. The needs assessment represented an evidence-based gap analysis identifying developmental interventions that were prioritized by the communities at these locals. These interventions were organized in an interactive Social Responsibility Map (SR Map) portal, which represents data on needed projects, ( ) on the village, local unit and district levels for developmental stakeholders to undertake as part of their social responsibility activities.
In order to facilitate and encourage developmental stakeholders to establish projects,  The “SRMAP” introduces a group of proposed projects to be implemented in the poorest villages, with economic feasibility studies that are validated and provided on the map as well.
SCC is undertaking several activities to promote the map’s projects, publicize the social responsibility ideas and offer support to partners concerned. 



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