Equitable Development Observatory

Date: 01 Feb 2010

The SCC strives to enabling the Egyptian government and development partners to work on reducing poverty and achieving social justice. In this context , SCC established the Equitable Development Observatory (EDO) to monitor and assess development indicators and validate that the development fruits are equally distributed.

With special focus on social protection policies, the EDO is also monitoring the social impacts of public policies in view of rationalizing such policies and directing the state resources towards the achievement of social goals that enhance principles of justice, equal opportunities and social cohesion.

The SCC is organizing capacity building programs for government and local NGOs in order to understand the multi-dimensional phenomena of poverty, vulnerability, deprivation and inequality as well as poverty related indicators and methodologies to monitor poverty trends.

“Poverty Measurements and Indicators and Poor Targeting Methods Workshop” is one of EDO contribution in the area of building capacities. The EDO also organized two programs about" Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for Social Protection Programmes" in cooperation with the International Policy Centre for inclusive Growth in Brazil (IPC-IG) . These programmes focused on assessing impacts of social protection systems. Moreover, the EDO produces policy briefs, research papers, periodic bulletins and demand driven policy studies. All publications are accessible through SCC websites.


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