Youth & Civil Society Empowerment

Date: 01 Jan 2008

Acknowledging the paramount importance of youth , , who had suffered marginalization by the previous regimes and who ended up sparking the 2011 Revolution, the SCC is striving to empower youth politically, socially and economically based on a conviction that the country’s prospects rests on its youth.

University Youth Programme
The SCC is working on developing the capacity of youth and civil society to be socially committed and to actively participate in the social contract. In this context the SCC initiated the University Youth Program that raises awareness about the principles of the social contract, the youth social responsibility and the community Leadership. This program aims to activate the youth role in adopting the social contract concept and objective to stimulate community engagement through equipping youth with the necessary skills needed in several fields, such as the presentation, communication, negotiation, team work, and leadership skills.

During 2014, The SCC in cooperation with 4 governmental universities (Tanta, South Valley, Assuit & Aswan), organized a total of 22 youth capacity building workshops, for 600 participants, of which 70% were women. Based on Participatory and Peer learning approaches.

The SCC has been awarded the Trophies of University of Assuit, Tanta & Aswan in acknowledgment of the impact of Youth  training programs in maintaining stability in universities and as recognition of the Center’s efforts in contributing to the capacity building of the youth in Universities

Youth Economic Empowerment Pilot Programme (YEEP)
In collaboration with Civil Society organizations, the SCC designed the Youth Economic Empowerment Pilot Programme (YEEP). This Program is providing capacity building for youth to be economically active and linked with geographically related industries.
This program was tailored to respond to the needs of youth in rural communities and poorest villages  ( language simplicity , activities and exercises).It was implemented in a number of villages e.g Bahr El Bakar , as well as Qena  & Menia

Training Components are : - Understanding the values of work, how to be qualified for labor market , employment skills: personal management, team work , time management; The ability to identify personal competencies and how to develop it; CV writing , interviewing.

Based on the YEEP experience, the SCC will continue focusing on coordinating the efforts with existing active youth groups and civil society organizations, with an eye on replicating the Youth economic empowerment program model . The SCC will be working on scaling up the impact of the YEEP program by linking the youth to a multi-stakeholder platform of government, local administration officials, and private sector investors. The program will also aim to include inter-linking youth organizations across governorates to widen the outreach and deepen the impact.

This platform will play a role in joining hands and resources to develop innovative approaches and solutions for promoting employment, entrepreneurship and strengthening young people’s participation in political processes and public institutions.

The Youth Empowerment program activities are aligned with the youth strategy 2014-2017 developed by UN organizations, to ensure that youth play an active role in shaping their communities.



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