Monitoring and Evaluation

Date: 01 Mar 2010
In 2010, SCC developed the monitoring and evaluation system  for the government of Egypt initiative to develop the 1000 poorest villages based on a participatory approach in order to monitor the initiative's activities, outputs and impact. Acknowledging the importance of sustainable integrated development, the M&E system also included a set of relevant indicators related to good governance , environmental sustainability and equal gender representation.
Furthermore, the SCC has conducted  a baseline study in 151 of the poorest villages as well as conducting quality assurance of service delivery and thematic studies based on the result of the baseline survey. As a result the SCC produced reports reflecting each of the 151 villages profile.
Moreover, SCC seeks to institutionalize the M&E system in order to assess integrated development initiatives. Within this framework, SCC is working on enhancing capacities for  governorates’ information and decision support centers in the area of monitoring and evaluation of the development projects.


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