al Tahrir:Minister of Education: Association of businessmen and NGOs formed to Enhance Education Quality.

Date: 17 Nov 2014
Dr. Mahmoud Abu Elnasr, minister of education met yesterday with counselor Mahmoud El Kholy, Director of the Social Contract Center (SCC), Dr. Ashraf Hammam, Head of the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) and a number of Egyptian business and representatives of NGOs. To present scenarios regarding their contribution to the enhancement of the educational process.
The minister welcomed the businessmen indicating that most of them cooperate with the minister for upgrading schools; however, concerted and coordinated efforts are needed to buying about tangible and successful outcomes in the area of education.
The minister also mentioned that although many achievements have been realized, yet some aspects are still unrealized. Coordination is necessary for carrying out many aspects at one time or for solving problems faced by any governorate.
The minister added that businessmen can contribute to education development is many areas: the supporting school project, the million idea project and school maintenance  and development in addition to other areas.
During the meeting the minister announced the formation of the "Association of Businessmen, NGOs and Education Specialists" for enhancing education quality. Councilor Mahmoud El Kholy has been selected to formulate the Association and coordinate with NGOs.
Dr. Randa Halawa, Director of the General Department for community participation has been selected as the contract person between the ministry and association. 



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