El Youm 7: Mahmoud Abu Elnasr: Literacy Project Applied to 8 million Basic Education Students.

Date: 17 Nov 2014
As per Dr.Mahmoud Abu Elnasr, Minister of Education, early efforts are exerted with regard to application of literacy project which currently covers 8.2 million basic education students, including 4.2 million students at the primary grade. In addition, the student medical project is also applied.
During the meeting held among the ministry's high ranking officials, Egyptian businessmen and the Social Contract Center (SCC) managers at the ministry of education, the ministry referred to the support and financing projects fund that helps meeting some schools needs such as funding mentainance works and making available vehicles for transporting students.
Abu Elnasr also indicated that the ministry's strategic plan achieved 30% of its components including the educational buildings curricula upgrading and literacy project.
Source: El youm7 newspaper website



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