Investigative Journalism and its Role in Corruption Fighting

Date: 20 Oct 2014
Acknowledging the important role of media in curbing corruption, the Social Contract Center (SCC), in collaboration with Faculty of Media – Al-Ahram Canadian University – organized a workshop to train the faculty’s students on skills required for detecting, revealing and combating corruption incidents.
  The SCC invited Mrs. Safaa Faisal, the accredited trainer by BBC to provide training on editorial standards, investigative journalism tools, how to deal with documents and information related to corruption issues, in addition to other topics such as secret photography, corruption related rules and laws,…etc.
  Councilor Mahmoud El-kholy medicated that this workshop was organized out of SCC interest in supporting corruption combating measures and in developing capacities of media professionals and civil society to prevent and combat corruption which has adverse political, economic and social consequences that underline the national interest and the moral values.
  Dr. Laila Abd El-Maguid, Dean of faculty of Media, asserted that students in all departments participated in this workshop to be trained on the aforementioned.

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